Responsibilities of Zila Sainik Welfare Offices (ZSWOS) / Zila Sainik Boards (ZSBS)

01. Disseminate information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces and make constant Endeavour to promote and maintain a feeling of goodwill between civilian population, service personnel and ESM.
02. Monitor welfare of families of servicemen and ESM in addition to assisting them in representing their cases with the local administration or the Defense authorities.
03. Give information to the general public regarding conditions of service in the Armed Forces so as to assist intending candidates in approaching the appropriate recruiting authorities for purposes of enlistment.
04. Scrutinise applications for relief from various military and civil charitable funds and make suitable recommendations.
05. Grant financial relief to ESM and their dependents from funds at their disposal. Recommend cases of ESM and their families for financial assistance from KSB.
06. Settlement of financial problems such as pension and other retirement/ release benefits/ dues to ESM; grants and assistance in kind to ESM beneficiaries and their dependents from the Central/ State Governments or other Organizations such as the Indian Red Cross Society etc.
07. Maintain a close liaison with the pension disbursing authorities/ agencies in the District to ensure prompt and correct payment of pension and reliefs to ESM pensioners or their dependents.
08. Assist families of serving personnel in regards to their safety/security and during absence away on duty of the serving personnel.
09. Promote and maintain, under the guidance of the State Rajya Sainik Boards, welfare measures in the District such as Rest House for ESM.
10. Maintain liaison with other welfare organisations such as the Indian Red Cross Society, NGOs and voluntary agencies to enhance additional sources of welfare and concessions for Ex-Servicemen and their families/dependents in the Districts.
11. Maintain an up-to-date register of war widows and, dependents of those disabled in action with a view to ensure their welfare and security.
12. Assist ESM in forming and setting up co-operatives for their self-employment.
13. Provide all resettlement assistance to war widows, dependents and war disabled as well as to those who died/disabled while in service due to attributable to service reasons.
14. Organise Armed Forces Flag Day under aegis of the President ZSB (the District Collector) and facilitate Flag Day collections and implement authorised fund raising measures in the district.
15. Organise rallies/re-union of Ex-Servicemen. Organise welfare meetings with President ZSB to resolve problems of Ex-Servicemen and widows, preferably once each month on a fixed day.